Topless Laws has posted this excellent map about the state of topless laws in the U.S.. It identifies the legal specifics, as well as the, often shifting, realities of how these laws get articulated.… Continue reading

Breastival Vestibule at Creating Change Atlanta 2013!

Creating Change is the largest annual gathering of activists, organizers, and leaders in the LGBT movement. This year marked the 25th anniversary of the conference and the 40th anniversary of it’s host organization:… Continue reading

BV at the Bmore Midway-to-Michigan Party

We had a great time hosting family, old and new, from far and wide at the Baltimore Midway to Michfest Party. Amelia Reitz did some incredible organizing to bring together great music, fabulous… Continue reading

Breastival Vestibule’s DEBUT at MICA’s Brown Center! Dec 2012

                                  Visitors entering the Breastival Vestibule found a screen featuring a rotating display of  responses to prompts… Continue reading

An Archive of Feelings….

Breastival Vestibule collects responses to a number of questions regarding our relationships to our bodies and the intersections of our bodies with rules, regulations and societal norms (Go to the ABOUT link to… Continue reading