The Breastival Vestibule emerges in Halifax for Nocturne 2016

The Breastival Vestibule is excited to reemerge in Nova Scotia (Halifax this time), for this year’s Nocturne: Art at Night exploring the concept of MOTIVE. It has been about two years and some change since the Breastival had a full outing, and I am appreciating exploring the intentions and context of the piece as it emerges in national and international conversations that have shifted greatly even in that short of time (around topics that are in no way new). This is another opportunity for deeper reflection on notions of both governmental and self-policing of bodies, in reference to gender, race, sexuality, perceived ability and more. Very much looking forward to some good conversation and connecting from a Canadian perspective!

Curator Michael McCormack‘s statement on Motive:

Motive is invisible, comes from the gut, and is continuously morphing while inspiring further movement of ideas and gestures. It is something that gains traction when shared with others and gains impact and resilience through inclusiveness and flexibility.

It thrives when faced with conflict, morphs again when allowing questions, and strengthens further through conversation, mentorship, collaboration, and then consideration.