BV at the Bmore Midway-to-Michigan Party


We had a great time hosting family, old and new, from far and wide at the Baltimore Midway to Michfest Party. Amelia Reitz did some incredible organizing to bring together great music, fabulous food and a host of raffle prizes for the event. D’Agostino Studios gracefully opened their amazing sprawling art-infused space to allow us to re-create a very special Michigan-Baltimore fusion festival fantasy. The evening raised enough money to buy tickets for 3 new festival-goers to attend this August’s 38th Annual Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. Local talent, The Dandy Vagabonds, loaned their magic to the event, as did Baltimore’s women-owned sex store, Sugar.


Breastival Vestibule was lit up like a lantern in Lania D’Agostino’s sculpture studio!


Guests came from Washington DC, California, Ohio, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Ontario. Many arrived early to help set up, and welcome the beautiful crowd for an evening of information, conversation, performances, prizes, food and dancing.